Welcome to TRiO where we’re all about simple pleasures, authentic flavors, and good times.

Let us help you feed your passion for wine, beer, cheese and casually inventive food. All of our dips, spreads, dressings and desserts are made in-house, and we use only the finest artisan cheeses, charcuterie and deli meats.  Enjoy!

Cheese and Charcuterie

Cheese Board

Your choice of artisan cheeses from our daily cheese selection served with accompaniments and crackers
One cheese, one accompaniment   7
Three cheese, two accompaniments   14
Five cheese, three accompaniments   21

Add an extra accompaniment:   1.5   Add a charcuterie selection:   4
Substitute a demi baguette for crackers:  2
~Gluten free crackers available upon request~

Charcuterie Boards

A selection of cured meats with cheese from our daily selections, accompaniments and baguette
Three meats, three cheeses, two accompaniments    24
All five meats and cheeses, three accompaniments    42

Charcuterie selections:
Jambon de Bayonne (French cured ham), Lomo Americana (dry cured pork loin with cocoa and pimento), Soppressata (Italian dried salami), Paté (decadent seasoned pork spread), Bresaola (air-cured, salted beef) and Speck (cured, smoked pork seasoned with juniper), Gravlax (house cured salmon)

Accompaniments:  fresh fruit, TRiO toasted nut mix, Marcona almonds, TRiO olive mix, olive tapenade, TRiO bread & butter pickles, cornichons, grainy mustard, spicy plum chutney, honey

A Little Something

TRiO Toasted Nut Mix(Veg, GF)   5        House Seasoned Olive Mixcontains pits (Veg, GF)     4      
 TRiO Bread & Butter Pickles(Veg, GF)  4
Caramelized Onion Dip served with a basket of chips (V, GF)   6
Marinated Goat Cheese Herbes de Provence and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with baguette (V)   7
Housemade Hummus served with warm pita, cucumber, red pepper and sugar snap peas (Veg, GF)    8
Demi Baguette Parmigiano pepper dipping oil (V)   4

A Little Something More

“Craft” Mac-n-cheese six cheese blend with orecchiette pasta (V)   cup   5.5   bowl   11
Andouille in Pastry locally made sausage with apricot grainy mustard    9
Smoky Garlic Shrimp jumbo local shrimp roasted with garlic paprika butter and cherry tomatoes
served with crusty bread for dipping   13
Pâté with cornichons, grainy mustard and crusty bread    8
Stuffed Mushrooms ask your server about today’s filling    8

Housemade Soup

Changes regularly. Ask your server about today’s selection
cup  4    bowl  6


House Caesar Parmigiano Reggiano and housemade garlic croutons (V)  7
Add roasted shrimp  6
Wine: Rosé       Beer: Pilsner

Strawberry, Quinoa and Purple Haze Goat Cheese over arugula with jicama, Marcona almonds and strawberry balsamic vinaigrette (V, GF)    11
Wine: Rosé or Pinot Noir       Beer: Hefeweizen

 Salmon Niçoise with smoked salmon, green beans, hard boiled egg, fingerling potatoes, radishes, olives, capers and red wine vinaigrette 12
Wine: Java Blanc or Rosé        Beer: Pilsner

Add a demi baguette to any salad  2.5


Avocado, Tomato and Chickpea served in pita with crisp romaine and feta (V)    8
Wine: Rosé or Italian White        Beer: Hefeweizen

Smoked Salmon Egg Salad with capers and green onion served in pita with crisp romaine (V)    10
Wine: Picard Beaujolais or Kuentz Bas Alsace        Beer: English Ale

Tomato Mozzarella roasted tomato, basil pesto and arugula (V)    11
Wine: Italian Red or Sparkling Rosé        Beer: Brown or Amber Ale

House Grilled Cheese  TRiO cheese blend with truffle oil (V)    9
Wine: Red Côtes du Rhône or Rosé        Beer: Doppelbock or Milk Stout

Brie and Turkey  strawberries, basil and sweet pepper jelly   11
Wine: Rosé or Chardonnay       Beer: Belgian Blonde or Tripel

Aged Gouda and Rare Roast Beef  roasted tomato and arugula   11
Wine: Nero d’Avola or Cabernet       Beer: IPA or Porter

Brie and Prosciutto di Parma  with rosemary fig spread   11
Wine: Prosecco Modena     Beer: Sour Ale or Saison

Muffaletta  prosciutto, coppa, mortadella, soppressata, provolone, mozzarella and TRiO olive tapenade   11
Wine: Côtes du Rhône      Beer: Belgian Blonde or Tripel

Add a side of our house onion dip  2.5

Substitute for chips:
Caesar  2    Mac-n-cheese  4     Soup 3

V=Vegetarian    Veg=Vegan    GF=Gluten Free; Many dishes can be made vegan or gluten free – just ask!


Dark chocolate goat cheese cheesecake    7  
Rich and decadent – a local favorite!

Maple Mousse Cannoli    7
A cannoli shell filled with our house made Nutella mascarpone mousse and topped with roasted hazelnuts

TRiO Cobbler    8
Seasonal fruit baked under a crumbly topping with a scoop of ice cream

Gelato    3.5
Ask your server for today’s selection

Menu selections and prices subject to change.

Our Cheesemonger – Jennifer Minnich

Visit our cheesemonger’s page for everything about cheese here…

TRiO Cheesemonger Jennifer Minnich