TRiO sources cheese from respected regional, domestic and international artisan producers to bring you a wide array of cheeses.

Product Spotlight from our Cheese Counter

At TRiO we are sharing our love of cheese by bringing a diverse selection of fine cheeses to the Outer Banks.  We specialize in hand-cut domestic and international cheeses with a focus on small production, hand crafted gems. We always have something new to taste, and our trained staff is happy to guide you through the different milk types and styles of cheese.

Our Cheesemonger – Jennifer Minnich

Jennifer claims her love for cheese was born while she was still in middle school. Having enjoyed a sample of a cheese she’d never heard of before at her local shopping mall, she put her twenty cents into the pay phone (remember those) and called home to ask if she could buy some. Sadly, the answer was no, but a window into the vast world of cheese had been opened. Since then, she’s enjoyed literally hundreds of cheeses from dozens of regions around the country and the world. An avid believer that real cheese is good food, she loves sharing her passion for all things cheese.

TRiO Cheesemonger Jennifer Minnich

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