We wait all year. And now, it’s here. Found…

April 25th, 2017 Posted by Bar and Bistro 0 thoughts on “We wait all year. And now, it’s here. Found…”

We wait all year. And now, it’s here. Founders Brewing Co. KBS is our Pint Night feature tonight. Sure, there are lots of Bourbon Barrel Stouts out there – a lot more than there used to be. KBS, however, remains unique in that it is cave aged in gypsum mines that run underneath Grand Rapids, MI. This results in a year of aging at a constant 40 degrees, as opposed to wide swings in temperature from Summer to Winter that most bourbon barrel aged brews are subjected to. Does it make a difference? Stop by at 5 pm today when we tap the keg, and you tell us! Our new NC Founders Rep, Kat, will join us with glassware and swag, and live music from The Hair People (Sean Olds, Dan Martier, and Nate Stockley), starts early at 6. Don’t miss out – check out KBS tonight!

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