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Fresh Hop Harvest

November 8th, 2016 Posted by TRiO Wine Beer Cheese News 0 thoughts on “Fresh Hop Harvest”

In the US, most hops are harvested in August and September. Typically, hops are picked and quickly dried, to preserve them. Fresh, whole cone hops (called ‘wet hops’), have a very short shelf life. If you don’t dry them, you need to brew with them within about 48 hours or they begin to rot. They are called ‘wet’ because they are very moist, and contain all of their oils. It’s the oils that contribute the most vibrant of the hop aromas and flavors.  It’s a logistical challenge to make these beers happen, but several brewers now make the extra effort, and the juice is worth the squeeze! We will have two great examples of this style on tap for Pint Night tonight  – Founders Harvest Ale and Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale Ale. Get ’em while they’re fresh at Pint Night!

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