Say Hello to Alp Blossom 

January 25th, 2017 Posted by Cheese Counter, Cheese Selections 0 thoughts on “Say Hello to Alp Blossom ”

Perhaps the most beautiful wheel ever to grace our cheese counter, Alp Blossom is born in Austria but aged in Germany. Rarely exported, this cheese is made in the Alpine region where those two countries and Switzerland meet at Sennerei Huban, Austria’s first cheese vocational school founded in 1901. Milk is sourced from a cooperative of 34 dairy farmers. At 6 months, the cheese takes a ride over to aging caves in Bavaria where it is coated in herbs and flowers from the local Alpine meadows. It is silky smooth and rich with an herbaceousness that perfectly complements the savory flavors characteristic of cheeses from the region. Stop by for a taste at the cheese counter or, better yet, grab a seat in our bistro and enjoy it on a cheese plate!